Daily Archives: September 15, 2018

Musings and Meanderings of a Middle-aged Misanthrope

I thought I better make my first post about why this rather odd title for my blog.

I think there are a number of reasons and they are not perhaps as odd as they may first appear:

Musings:  I think a lot.  Too much, some might argue.  I suspect my capacity for thinking too much is a vice as well as a blessing.  It is a blessing because it makes me self-aware, informed and reflective.  It is a vice because it means I have the capacity to over-think, to perseverate, and sometimes think about problems and issues which in fact exist nowhere, except in my head.

Meanderings:  I travel a lot!  24 countries at the last count.  Mainly for my work but I also love travelling personally.  So I spend a lot of time in hotels, airports, on trains and experiencing the cultures, diversity and landscapes of a range of countries.  I also wish that I documented some of my adventures but I never do.  Largely because my job is full-on and I don’t have time.  However my second blog post will likely talk a little bit about why that is set to change and therefore this blog will document some of my meandering going forward.

Middle-aged:  Need I say anymore?  It is a sad fact that I am now most likely closer to death than I am to my birth and my musings on this make me quite ill-at-ease with this fact of life.  I suspect this blog is a sort of validation of my existence and there will no doubt be a forthcoming blog about my issues around death and end of life.

Misanthrope:  I did toy with not including this in my blog title however it began with M and I do like alliteration, and to be honest it’s probably quite true, at least to a certain extent.  Of course there are many good and wonderful people out there.  However there are also some very toxic and unpleasant people.  I have had my fair share of both.   However it is a sad fact of the human condition that the latter often leave the greatest impact on us.  Over time, I suspect this has led me to withdraw a little in my personal life.  Resultantly when I am not networking, platform speaking around the world, and generally being the front face of the amazing charity I work for, I like to take refuge in my home, retreat to the countryside, and snuggle with my dogs.

So these are the origins of my blog title.  I hope you enjoy reading the posts to come and that you perhaps find some sense of connection with what I have to say and where my life takes me.


Selfie with the late, great, and very loved #EarlTheDog