Helping small to medium size charities

I have worked in the charitable and not-for-profit sector for 25 years.  During those years I have been a passionate, dedicated and trusted leader, who created loyal, committed and hard-working teams.

The work that goes on in the charitable sector never ceases to amaze me and the passion and belief with which it is carried out is why the sector generates around £40 billion for the UK economy!

Of the 163,000 charities that exist in the UK, only around 7,000 of them have incomes over £1 million.  Over 130,000 charities have an income under £100,000 (over half of these are less than £10,000).  I know from experience that all charities have their ups and downs – its part of their life-cycle and growth.  They also sometimes can be concerned about taking the risks that will enable them to grow and in some cases they aren’t sure how they should approach growth and change.

I provide consultancy to these charities to help them grow, manage change, and deal with the unexpected curve balls that occur during the life-cycle of every charity.

My consultancy operates in four primary areas:

  • Charitable and not-for-profit consultancy
  • Mentoring leaders in the charitable sector
  • Public speaking, pitching and presentations
  • Working with Patrons, personalities, celebrities and VIPs

For more information on my services and costs please click on the link below.

Thanks for reading about my work and I look forward to hearing from you and helping you and your charity be the best they can!

Helping small to medium size charities